Project details:

Cleanly Responsive Web Design

Project description:

Cleanly is a new company offering cutting edge electrostatic disinfection services. With the events that 2020 brought about, it’s become apparent how important it is to perform proper disinfections. We achieved this by portraying and emphasizing facts throughout the website design .

Web design for small business

Circular shapes were used throughout to imitate the bubbles of a cleaning solution (think of soap). Colored sections and grids draw attention to key takeaways.

Cleanly Mobile Optimized Website Design

Full spectrum search engine optimization (SEO) was setup to make sure the website reaches the target audience. Since online booking was not implemented at this time, the client wanted the website’s focus to be on generating leads. The homepage was set up to serve as a marketing landing page with clear calls to action.

Cleanly Mobile Web Design
Cleanly Responsive Web Design